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4 Ways To Prepare Your Young Child For Singing Lessons

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For children who enjoy music and singing, enrolling them in singing lessons, at a location like Canadian Academy Of Vocal Music, can be a great option. There is some debate as to the appropriate age to start children in singing lessons, but regardless of your child’s age, there are some steps you can take to prepare him or her for lessons and get your child on the right path to success. Teach Them Some Posture Exercises Posture plays an important role when it comes to singing, which is something many people don’t realize until they begin taking lessons and are taught various stretches and posture exercises. You can help your child get a jump-start on this (in addition to teaching him or her some discipline) by teaching them some of these posture exercises ahead of time. Plus, children tend to enjoy kinesthetic activities, making this a win-win. If this goes well, you may also consider introducing your child to some basic breathing exercises as well. Introduce Basic Pitch Training Ear training is another important step in teaching a child to sing and preparing him or her for more rigorous voice lessons. Many children have a hard time understanding the concept of pitch initially, so don’t get frustrated if your child doesn’t get it right away. A good way to help him or her understand is to use a piano or keyboard to demonstrate different pitches, along with raising or lowering your hand with each falling or rising pitch. Give Them Opportunities to Perform One of the biggest challenges children tend to have when beginning singing lessons is that of experiencing performance anxiety. During singing lessons, your child will be asked to sing in front of the instructor and perhaps even in front of other children. To help make this a stress-free (and even fun) experience, you should give your child lots of opportunities to have fun singing his or her favorite songs in front of you at home. Find the Right Singing Instructor Finally, when you believe your child is ready for lessons, it’s important to find the right instructor for the job. Specifically, you’ll want to work with an instructor who has worked with children in the past. You’ll also want to decide whether you want to enroll your child in private or group lessons; the latter tend to be more affordable, whereas the former will cost more but give your child more one-on-one instruction in the...

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Questions To Ask Before Hiring A DJ

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Are you currently in the midst of planning a large party? Do you have the food and decorations mostly planned, but you still need to arrange for music? Finding the right DJ can mean the difference between an okay party and a great one. Before you put down a deposit on any DJ services, here are some questions you should consider asking: How much overall experience do you have? If a DJ says they’ve been in business a short time, ask them about their familiarity with your chosen genre. They might have gained musical expertise from their college studies, yet are still working on building a professional reputation. Make sure to ask for references that could include their former college instructors as well as past customers. What happens if an emergency causes you to miss my event? If you’re dealing with a DJ services company that has several DJs on staff, you’ll likely simply get another DJ from the same company. If, however, you are considering hiring a solo DJ, make sure that they have a backup plan in place. They may have an unofficial partnership with a different solo DJ artist, with each covering the other’s parties in the event of an emergency. Make sure that your contract covers this contingency. It should also clearly spell out the refund policy if neither the original DJ nor their replacement show up at your event. What will you be wearing? DJs perform in diverse venues, from barefoot wedding receptions to extremely formal affairs. Talk to them ahead of time in order to make sure that their attire will be in line with what your guests will be wearing. If it’s to be a costume party, for example, a 3-piece suit will seem strange and out of place. But that same coat and vest would be perfectly fine for a wedding reception. Communicate clearly with your DJ so that they know what sort of clothes are appropriate for them to wear. How will breaks be handled? If you’re having a long event, your DJ will need time to eat and drink as well as use the restroom. If you’ll be giving speeches or awards for costumes, consider scheduling these roughly in the middle of the event. This will allow your DJ to do whatever he or she needs to do, while music is unnecessary. If you want music to be continuous, there will need to be a backup DJ to relieve the first DJ when he or she needs a break. If your event is short, breaks may not be needed at all. Make sure that both you and your DJ agree on what needs to happen. Contact a local DJ, such as Crystal Sound, for more...

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Setting The Stage For Your Botanical Inspired Wedding Reception

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If you’re just beginning to plan for your future nuptials, you likely have a very long to-do list. It’s important to explore different designs and themes until you come up with something that matches both yours and your future spouse’s personality and style. Many couples choose traditional wedding themes, but a growing trend is choosing something more outside of the box. If you love the outdoors, but choose to not have your reception in a woodland setting, try bringing the look indoors. A botanical-inspired wedding reception combines natural beauty elements and a delicate atmosphere that is perfect for your large wedding venue. Here are just a few ways you can incorporate the look into your special day. Florals One of the major expenses of a wedding reception, aside of the venue and the food, are the flowers. If you choose a woodland or botanical themed reception, you can’t hold back on floral accents. Part of the main floral arrangement for a botanical wedding setting should contain greenery. Incorporate trailing greens such as: Ivy Amaranthus Caudatus Trailing Jenny These trailing plants are perfect for high overhead floral arrangements as well as those lining the walkway of the venue. This greenery can be accented by brightly colored bouquets of mixed flowers. You can also incorporate a more romantic botanic theme by sticking to one color of English roses, such as white or pale pink. Incorporate grapevine and lighted branches to bring in a whimsical feel. Don’t forget to add subtle background lighting, such as LED, to highlight these floral arrangements. Table Centerpiece Ideas On white tablecloths, a botanical centerpiece can be as simple or ornate as you wish. Lanterns surrounded by moss wreaths help invoke a woodland feel. Silver trophies can hold rose arrangements or greenery with a sprout of toadstools here and there. Cloches can be also be placed in the center. Underneath the glass, you can place fern stems and other botanical pieces to create a natural vibe. Lighting Lighting is important at any wedding venue. While you should use as much lighting as you can from the venue hall itself, you can also create a subtle look as well. Lanterns with LED candles, real candelabras at the table and string lights throughout the venue can help create a warm and romantic environment. Color Theme For a botanical feel, stick to light, natural colors. Whites with green highlights can help contribute to the woodland atmosphere. White table clothes and white linen covered chairs can be accented with any shade of green for the chair back covers or table runners. If you have a specific color theme in your wedding, use that color to accent the table or a specific area such as the cake table or gift table. Adhering to a natural theme throughout your wedding venue, will help tie the look together. Personalizing your wedding reception area is the main goal in order to make your special day one to remember. Contact a local event center, such as the Rosebud Mercantile wedding venue, for more...

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6 Ideas For Adding A Pool Table When You Don’t Have The Room

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While many people dream of having a pool table in their home, many people simply don’t have the space. The brutal truth is that sometimes there’s no way around it, you cannot fit one in your home. However, there are a few sacrifices you can make if you’re determined to make it happen.    1. Get Rid of Everything Else If you use the spare room for storage, then you probably don’t have any space for a pool table. If the exercise bike has to take up one corner of your non-open basement, then you might not have room on all sides for a pool table. It’s possible that all you really need to do is clear the space out. In these cases, you can opt to get rid of things, or try to find somewhere else to place them. It can make for a tough decision, but it does represent an option. 2. Think Smaller Pool tables come in various sizes. You may want a larger, American, tournament style 9-footer. But you can still get a lot of enjoyable playtime out of 6-foot British model. This is especially true if the smaller model allows you to use normal-sized cues. 3. Shorten Your Cues It’s the cue length you need to worry about the most. Average cue length is around 5-feet, so you will need at least that much space around the table. If you can’t accommodate the cue length, you can also use shorter cues. It may not seem ideal, but it’s certainly a way to make up for the lack of space. 4. Take it Outside If you have outside space, you can set up a pool table outside. There are many options available to you. You can use an aluminium building to house it. You can set up a patio area to accommodate it. A closed tent or canopy can work as well. 5. Go With Construction If you have the means and the permission to do it, you could always choose construction. A contractor can help you turn a space into something suitable for a pool table. There are actually many contractors that specialise in doing just that. 6. Speak to a Professional Many pool table manufacturers and sellers often do installations as well. Many will also allow you to contact them by phone, chat, or email to discuss the dimensions you’re working with, and the options available to you. Contact one (such as an outlet that sells pool tables in Calgary) for further assistance. You can use many of these ideas in conjunction to come up with a solution. Just make sure that you don’t jump on one of these suggestions without some thought. You have to decide if the eventual solution will still allow you to enjoy having the pool...

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