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A Fun Weekend Tradition

I grew up in a musical family. When I was a kid, my mom sang solos in church. At the age of fifteen, I also began singing solos in church and at community events. My late grandfather played the acoustical guitar, the harmonica, and the mandolin. On the weekends, we enjoyed unwinding form our busy, stressful weeks by filling our home with fun, lively music. Now that I’m an adult, I’d like to keep up this tradition with my future kids. Are you searching for ways to spend more lighthearted down time with your family members? If you can relate, consider starting a family band. On this blog, you will discover the easiest instruments to learn how to play.



6 Ideas For Adding A Pool Table When You Don't Have The Room

While many people dream of having a pool table in their home, many people simply don't have the space. The brutal truth is that sometimes there's no way around it, you cannot fit one in your home. However, there are a few sacrifices you can make if you're determined to make it happen.   

1. Get Rid of Everything Else

If you use the spare room for storage, then you probably don't have any space for a pool table. If the exercise bike has to take up one corner of your non-open basement, then you might not have room on all sides for a pool table.

It's possible that all you really need to do is clear the space out. In these cases, you can opt to get rid of things, or try to find somewhere else to place them. It can make for a tough decision, but it does represent an option.

2. Think Smaller

Pool tables come in various sizes. You may want a larger, American, tournament style 9-footer. But you can still get a lot of enjoyable playtime out of 6-foot British model. This is especially true if the smaller model allows you to use normal-sized cues.

3. Shorten Your Cues

It's the cue length you need to worry about the most. Average cue length is around 5-feet, so you will need at least that much space around the table. If you can't accommodate the cue length, you can also use shorter cues. It may not seem ideal, but it's certainly a way to make up for the lack of space.

4. Take it Outside

If you have outside space, you can set up a pool table outside. There are many options available to you. You can use an aluminium building to house it. You can set up a patio area to accommodate it. A closed tent or canopy can work as well.

5. Go With Construction

If you have the means and the permission to do it, you could always choose construction. A contractor can help you turn a space into something suitable for a pool table. There are actually many contractors that specialise in doing just that.

6. Speak to a Professional

Many pool table manufacturers and sellers often do installations as well. Many will also allow you to contact them by phone, chat, or email to discuss the dimensions you're working with, and the options available to you. Contact one (such as an outlet that sells pool tables in Calgary) for further assistance.

You can use many of these ideas in conjunction to come up with a solution. Just make sure that you don't jump on one of these suggestions without some thought. You have to decide if the eventual solution will still allow you to enjoy having the pool table.