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A Fun Weekend Tradition

I grew up in a musical family. When I was a kid, my mom sang solos in church. At the age of fifteen, I also began singing solos in church and at community events. My late grandfather played the acoustical guitar, the harmonica, and the mandolin. On the weekends, we enjoyed unwinding form our busy, stressful weeks by filling our home with fun, lively music. Now that I’m an adult, I’d like to keep up this tradition with my future kids. Are you searching for ways to spend more lighthearted down time with your family members? If you can relate, consider starting a family band. On this blog, you will discover the easiest instruments to learn how to play.



Questions To Ask Before Hiring A DJ

Are you currently in the midst of planning a large party? Do you have the food and decorations mostly planned, but you still need to arrange for music? Finding the right DJ can mean the difference between an okay party and a great one. Before you put down a deposit on any DJ services, here are some questions you should consider asking:

How much overall experience do you have? If a DJ says they've been in business a short time, ask them about their familiarity with your chosen genre. They might have gained musical expertise from their college studies, yet are still working on building a professional reputation. Make sure to ask for references that could include their former college instructors as well as past customers.

What happens if an emergency causes you to miss my event? If you're dealing with a DJ services company that has several DJs on staff, you'll likely simply get another DJ from the same company. If, however, you are considering hiring a solo DJ, make sure that they have a backup plan in place. They may have an unofficial partnership with a different solo DJ artist, with each covering the other's parties in the event of an emergency. Make sure that your contract covers this contingency. It should also clearly spell out the refund policy if neither the original DJ nor their replacement show up at your event.

What will you be wearing? DJs perform in diverse venues, from barefoot wedding receptions to extremely formal affairs. Talk to them ahead of time in order to make sure that their attire will be in line with what your guests will be wearing. If it's to be a costume party, for example, a 3-piece suit will seem strange and out of place. But that same coat and vest would be perfectly fine for a wedding reception. Communicate clearly with your DJ so that they know what sort of clothes are appropriate for them to wear.

How will breaks be handled? If you're having a long event, your DJ will need time to eat and drink as well as use the restroom. If you'll be giving speeches or awards for costumes, consider scheduling these roughly in the middle of the event. This will allow your DJ to do whatever he or she needs to do, while music is unnecessary. If you want music to be continuous, there will need to be a backup DJ to relieve the first DJ when he or she needs a break. If your event is short, breaks may not be needed at all. Make sure that both you and your DJ agree on what needs to happen.

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