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A Fun Weekend Tradition

I grew up in a musical family. When I was a kid, my mom sang solos in church. At the age of fifteen, I also began singing solos in church and at community events. My late grandfather played the acoustical guitar, the harmonica, and the mandolin. On the weekends, we enjoyed unwinding form our busy, stressful weeks by filling our home with fun, lively music. Now that I’m an adult, I’d like to keep up this tradition with my future kids. Are you searching for ways to spend more lighthearted down time with your family members? If you can relate, consider starting a family band. On this blog, you will discover the easiest instruments to learn how to play.



Goals To Set In Advance Of Offering A Band Workshop

Offering a band workshop can be a valuable resource for young people in the community. Regardless of which specific organization you work for, putting together plans for this type of workshop and then marketing it extensively can generate a large audience of young people. The specific structure of your band workshop can vary according to your expected outcomes of the event and the types of musicians who are taking part, but a typical music workshop may include demonstrations, recording sessions, lectures, and more. Here are some goals that you might wish to focus on when you're planning this event.

More Young People Studying Music

One goal of your band workshop might be to encourage more high school-aged students to pursue music education at the college level. There are, of course, many benefits to receiving an education in the arts, and you might wish to make this a central goal of your workshop. One way to work toward this goal is to have a concert band from a local college in attendance. The group can not only give a short performance, but can also perform a Q&A session with attendees and break off into small groups to demonstrate their instruments to those who are interested.

More Support Of The Local Music Scene

Another goal to consider for your upcoming band workshop is to raise more interest in support in the local music scene. This may be your mandate if you work with a local jazz band of classical concert band, for example. There may be many people in the community who aren't aware of your existence, and a workshop can be a valuable tool for raising your profile. At the workshop, your band can not only perform to give local residents an idea of what they'll enjoy upon buying tickets to one of your shows, but also launch a youth program that allows band members to mentor young musicians in an after-school program.

Recruitment Of People To Your Organization

Sometimes, it can be beneficial for a local band to hold a workshop to recruit musicians. Perhaps you're a jazz band that is always looking to bolster its ranks. A workshop through a company like Yamah Music Canada can encourage fellow musicians to come out, hear you perform, learn about the commitments involved in joining the band, and perhaps even audition on the spot. This type of event can potentially allow you to increase your size, maybe even by the end of the workshop.